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Corporate Clients

Practice Areas

General Corporate (including legal advices on Company Act)
Merger, Acquisition, Business Alliance, Restructuring of Group Company, TOB (Review of deal structure, legal due diligence, contract negotiation, contract documentation, advice on Antimonopoly Act, advice on relevant regulations)
Private Equity, Venture Capital (review of deal structure, legal due diligence, contract negotiation, contract documentation)
Banking (review of deal structure, contract negotiation and documentation on Debt Finance, Syndicated Finance, Non-recourse Loan, Subordinated Loan/Mezzanine Loan)
Structured Financing and Securitization
M&A Finance, TOB Finance
Laws on Banks and Financial Institutions (Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Banking Act, Money Lending Business Act, Trust Act, Trust Business Act, Act on Securitization of Assets, Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, Installment Sales Act, Insurance Business Act, etc.)
Other Administrative Regulations (Antimonopoly Act, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, etc.)
Corporate Litigation (Litigation on trades between corporations, Litigations on breach of fiduciary duties of director, etc.)
Cross-Border Litigation (Litigation/arbitration in overseas, Enforcement in Japan of judgment in foreign court, etc.)
Labor Dispute/Litigation (Labor-management dispute, Collective bargaining, Involuntary layoff, Litigation on layoff, etc.)
Trade in Intellectual Property (Licensing of intellectual properties, etc.)