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About Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno

  • A leading corporate law practice
    • Extensive experience in cutting-edge legal practice at major law firms

      Capability to resolve legal issues too complex and novel to be handled by small to medium sized law firms

      A wealth of experience at major firms

      The attorneys of Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno have extensive experience handling multiple complex business and financial legal transactions as chief attorneys at major domestic and international law firms in Japan, as well as at law firms overseas and major investment banks.

      Extensive experience in corporate and international

      business litigation

      Attorneys at Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno have extensive experience resolving complex, large-scale corporate disputes and multi-national cross-border litigations.

      Broad experience resolving issues of financial law

      and regulation

      Attorneys at Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno have extensive experience resolving financial regulations issues too complex to be handled by small to medium sized law firms, such as Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Banking Act, Money Lending Business Act, Trust Act, Trust Business Act, Act on Securitization of Assets, Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, Installment Sales Act, Insurance Business Act, as well as other administration regulation such as Antimonopoly Act, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.
  • High quality service and reasonable fee arrangements
    • High quality service and reasonable legal fees

      We deliver high quality legal services at a reasonable fee, made possible by eliminating inefficiency in our operations.


      Reasonable attorney fees

      High fees at major law firms are often the result of over-staffing cases with a partner lawyers and junior associate lawyers who contribute very little to the actual resolution of the case. At Kamimura & Partners, we provide top quality legal services at reasonable rates by assigning the minimum number staff sufficient for each case.
  • History of success supporting foreign national corporations
    • Support of foreign national corporation entry into and on-going expansion in the Japanese market

      Attorneys at Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno have significant experience both assisting foreign corporations' entries into the Japanese market, and supporting on-going operations in Japan, while working at major Japanese domestic and international law firms.

      Support of business launch in Japan

      At Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno, we assist foreign companies to launch their businesses in Japan.  In addition to establishing subsidiaries and branch offices, we also provide support with the various administrative and operational functions necessary to start businesses in this complex market.

      Support of business expansion of foreign 

      companies in Japan

      Our attorneys have extensive experience providing support to many international companies launching or conducting business in Japan.  We provide not only legal advice but also general consulting about the unique Japanese business environment.
        History of success supporting foreign national corporations
  • Excellent foreign language capability
    • Legal services can be provided in English and Chinese

      Members of our attorneys are fluent and able to provide legal services in both English and Chinese.


      Negotiation can also be conducted in English and


      Although there is an increasing number of law firms able to provide foreign companies with legal services, in reality, there are very few Japanese attorneys capable of conducting negotiations in English or Chinese. Attorneys at Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno are competent in English and Chinese and dedicated to providing the best legal service to our foreign clients.

      High quality documentation in English and Chinese

      Our attorneys have experience working at major domestic and international law firms in Japan, as well as at law firms overseas and major investment banks, where business was routinely conducted, and documentation was prepared in English and/or Chinese.
  • In-depth understanding of business management
    • We provide legal advice based upon a thorough understanding of our client’s business as a whole

      Our attorneys possess a strong background in business management making it possible to provide legal advice which is relevant to our client's business as a whole.

      Experience supporting clients in the private sector

      Among our attorneys are members who have worked not only in the legal division but also various business divisions of private sector companies including financial institutions. The insights of these members enable us to provide legal services with a business perspective.

      Solution oriented legal advise

      At Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno, we do not simply provide "yes" or "no" responses to our client's questions. We always seek to provide advice which leads to our client’s best solutions.
  • Retainer fee free system
    • Reduce costs by avoiding a monthly legal advisor retainer fee
      Unnecessary legal expenses are eliminated because we require no monthly retainer fee and charge attorney fees only when we are specifically requested to handle a case.

      No monthly retainer fee

      At most law firms, it is customary for clients to be required to pay a monthly legal advisor fee (between 50 and 300 thousand Japanese Yen per month) regardless of whether they have been provided service or not. At Kamimura & Partners, we believe that it is unreasonable to receive a fee from a client we are not actively serving, so we have eliminated the monthly retainer fee.

      Priority handling

      Clients who have registered in our Retainer Fee Free System benefit from priority handling of cases. Furthermore, clients who have paid an initial deposit benefit from top priority handling of cases.

      Legal services are provided by an attorney who

      specializes in corporate law

      While there are many law firms employing the retainer fee system, it is common that the assigned attorney is not familiar with corporate or international law and cannot handle the needs of corporate clients. At Kamimura Ohira & Mizuno, we provide attorneys who specialize in corporate and international law to best handle the needs of our corporate clients.